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Customers can buy Silknet Sim cards at LeTechno company. This is a space where you can buy almost all accessories related to mobile, laptops, and cameras. You will find a variety of products in the shop, which will give you the best opportunity to make a choice.

why Silknet?

LeTechno chose Silknet Sim cards considering several reasons:

  1. Ensuring high quality of the network
  2. Offering diverse content to users
  3. Growing subscriber base across the country

Since its establishment, Silknet has been providing its customers with all the innovative services provided by international GSM/UMTS standards. The number of people connected to the network was growing every day, and the brand, which was loved by everyone, created technological progress during its twenty years of existence.

The society remembered itself with many interesting projects. With the union of two strong brands (Silknet and Geocell), a new and more opportunity-filled path has begun in the history of Silknet. One year later, the first convergent product – Silk Plus was created, which combined mobile and fixed services into one service.

Silknet is part of the leading investment group in the region, “Silk Road Group”, which has been providing telecommunication services to the country’s population and a wide range of organizations for years.

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable way to stay connected while you travel, then Geocell sim cards can help you get the best service wherever you are. Since the acquisition of Geocell, building the fastest mobile internet network is one of the biggest achievements. Today, almost the entire country is covered, and the region boasts the fastest gigabit LTE mobile internet. Its speed is 7 times higher than the fastest 4.5G mobile internet in Georgia.

The company offers different Geocell SIM card packages with different budgets and time limits. You can activate both daily and monthly unlimited talk minutes and an internet package. The simplified Geocell application will help you conveniently manage the account balance and activate the desired Internet or voice package, and international roaming package. In LeTechno Sim Card price is  10 Lari.   


silknet sim card
Silknet Sim Card Price And Our Service – Letechno 3

Silknet Sim Card Price And Our Service – letechno


Unlimited Internet:

1 day – 2 GEL

5 days – 7 GEL

7 days – 9 GEL

30 days – 32 GEL

Conversation package:

50 minutes – 3 GEL

100 minutes – 5 GEL

300 minutes – 10 GEL

SMS package:

150 cms – 1.5 GEL

500 cms – 3 GEL

  The Geocell team is available to answer any questions that customers may have regarding packages and services. Geocell also offers a number of additional services. From international roaming and mobile internet to mobile phone repair and technical support, the company is ready to help customers stay connected and get the most out of their mobile devices.

What are you waiting for? Visit a LeTechno store or website to learn more about Geocell SIM card packages and the additional services we offer.  we are ready to provide affordable and reliable service to our customers with Geocell.

Silknet is the leading telecommunications network in the region

  • 1.79 million mobile network subscribers
  • 169,133 fixed network subscribers
  • 320,039 fixed broadband subscribers
  • 253,660 pay TV customers

In LeTechno, you can select the desired Sim card and activate any package in the shortest possible time. LeTechno is a Geocell contractor company that sells and registers SIM cards in compliance with all rules.

If you want the fastest internet, the best offers, and quality, get Silknet Sim card from Letechno.
What are the anticipated speeds of Geocell 4G LTE? The average practical speed is around 20-30 mbps and maximum practical speed – 80-100 mbps.

Silknet Sim Card Price and Our Service – Letechno
Silknet Sim Card Price And Our Service – Letechno 4

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